InBalance 300
It is connected to any smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth connection. User’s own smartphone or tablet could be used with InBalance app, which is available in Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
InBalance 200
It is differentiated product with 4 multiple frequencies which measures 20 different impedance values, and stores the data in server by wired / wireless networks, and can be accessible in real time.
I.B Technology
InBalance is Enough for Most Applications.
I.B Technology
InBalance is Enough for Most Applications.
  • > Perfect Basics in Body Composition Analysis
  • > Conveniences for Both of User and Admin
  • > Connectivity Makes it Smart
  • > App & Web Service Smart Device.
  • > Ergonomic Design
  • > Screen Configuration for Self-Use
  • > Auto Update
  • > Handling products :IB300IB200
Rich Information in Simple Form!
InBalance300 Result
  1. Body Composition Analysis
  2. Rich Information about Fat & Muscle
  3. Obesity Analysis
  4. Abdominal Diagnosis
  5. Segmental Analysis
  6. Overall Assessment
  7. Body Composition Ratio
  8. Guide for Weight Control
  9. Guide for Calorie Control
  10. History to check the changes
InBalance200 Result
  1. Body Composition Analysis
  2. Obesity Diagnosis
  3. Skeletal Muscle Mass & Fat Mass Analysis
  4. Segmental Analysis
  5. Overall Score
  6. Guide for Weight Control
  7. Guide for Calorie Control
  8. Data History to check the changes
How to use
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You can check the change of your body easily anywhere and anytime with a mobile phone. It also has an easy interface, so you can check at a glance and it is easy to manage.
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With an all-new look and powerful features,
Inbalance is the best way to ensure success for your business.
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